Winter Weight Gain Means Springtime Diets

The Sectret to Springtime Diets

Winter Weight gain means Springtime Diets for most of us.  Remember those bears I wrote about earlier, the ones who got fat on purpose so they could survive their long winter’s nap? Well, they’ve been waking up, coming out of their dens, skinny from sleeping the winter away. Unfortunately, our winter hibernation hasn’t worked that way for us. Here we are again, faced with needing to lose those excess pounds we gained over the winter.

Just in time here come this season’s new diets and sure-fire ways to lose weight quickly? Lose 10 pounds in the first week… is all we hear on TV! As seductive as these plans may sound, please don’t be enticed. Think about it. How many times have you lost those 10 pounds?

Then there are all those books and magazine articles coming out. Talk about confusing… Eating fat to lose weight is probably the most radical of these concepts. The Calories In – Calories Out Theory has come into serious question too and there are even some recent studies about bears and weight loss that are pretty interesting. Believe it or not, some new findings about weight loss are definitely worth consideration.

In future posts, we will be taking a look at Healthy Weight Loss from these new perspectives. We will also continue to post articles about the amazing benefits of eating whole foods. Today nutritious can absolutely mean nutritious! Imagine, no more denial and deprivation… That’s the Good News About Food. Of course, There is No One Right Diet for Everyone, but we are committed to helping you find yours.

Stay tuned.

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