Celebrate You, Lose Weight~Feel Great

Lose Weight and Celebrate YOU this Summer

Celebrate You, Lose Weight ~ Feel Great, is a new program Healthy Starts Today is offering Summer is a perfect time to Lose Weight. Unfortunately Weight Loss immediately conjures up thoughts of eating nothing but “sticks and twigs”. Who wants denial and deprivation all summer? Where’s the fun in that?

So let’s focus on the Feel Great part of the program. The part that calls for celebrations. Celebrate everything you love about summer. Celebrate the abundance of luscious, fresh fruits and vegetables. Celebrate the longer daylight hours. Celebrate the chance to slow down and relax. Celebrate sitting out at night under the stars. Celebrate all the positives you enjoy and you will be on your way to feeling great.

With  a mind set focused on the all that summer has to offer, it won’t be too hard to start making some positive choices. So, add in summer’s luscious fruits and vegetables and crowd out some of the processed foods you’ve been eating. Celebrate the longer daylight hours and take an evening stroll. Sit out under the stars and practice relaxing breaths. Slow down and enjoy your summer vacation, do what you really want to do. Be good to your self. Celebrate You.

Summer offers better food choices, a chance to get outside and go for a walk, less stress and more fun, all keys to the Celebrate You, Lose Weight ~ Feel Great Program. In the coming weeks we will take a look at each of these more closely. Fresh Food, Gentle Exercise, De-Stressing, Relaxation and Fun…

What a great way to enjoy the Summer!