Childhood Obesity… It’s About Health Not Appearance

Childhood Obesity is a topic discussed in the news, on TV and maybe even in your own home. It is a serious health problem that is leading to Type II Diabetes and Heart Disease in younger and younger kids. Body Mass Index, or BMI is used to determine obesity. For children, it is based on height and weight, as well as sex and age. If your child’s weight exceeds the standard norms set by the CDC, or Centers for Disease Control, obesity may be a problem.  However, there are other factors to consider besides the numbers on a chart. Bone structure, body type and growth pattern also play a role.  Before you get too worried, talk to your child’s health care professional. Ask lots of questions. Get the facts. If BMI is an issue for your child, step back and access your entire family.  Chances are everyone could benefit from fewer inches around the middle.

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