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Fun Soup for a Busy Night

I know you’re crazy busy this holiday season so avoiding  take-out completely is too much to ask, but soup is a great alternative. Here’s a easy and fun soup recipe for Minestrone or “Minestone” as it it’s known at my house probably because one of my kids had heard the story of Stone Soup.

As the story goes… A long time ago, a cold and weary traveler came to a town. He had no money and decided to see if the town’s people would give him a little food, but no one would share. So he got an idea. He found an old pot, filled it with water, set the pot over a fire and added some stones. The people were curious and when someone asked him what he was doing, he replied, “Making stone soup, which would be delicious if only I had… ” And so the story goes...

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Cut Sugar and Nourish Your Family with Holiday Sweetness

Yipes, its almost here! The Holiday Season… If you haven’t already downloaded,
The No.1 Way to Upgrade Your Family’s Health please don’t delay.

It doesn’t have to take a holiday miracle for your kids to have fewer meltdowns, and be less cranky this holiday season. As soon as they are eating healthier, meaning less sugar, no HFCS and little processed snack food, you will begin to notice a marked improvement in their behavior. Also as an added bonus you should see a reduction in colds and sore throats, as too much sugar impairs immunity.

Cutting back on sugary drinks and processed foods applies to you too… Replacing holiday lattes and afternoon sweets with refreshing herb teas and healthy protein snacks will keep your energy more constant, ensure better sleep and also help you to k...

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Nutrition and the Eatin’ Season

Here it is November and we are already into the “Eatin’ Season”. Starting a Family Health Upgrade now is certainly more challenging, but if you can keep a few basics in mind, like cutting back on sugar, especially High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and eliminating heavily processed snack foods the rewards will be worth it. Greatly reducing sugar will mean, more calm for everyone. Less junk food will leave more room for good-for you foods. The combination will make immune systems stronger and the whole family will be better able to ward off the colds and sore throats that come around this time of year.

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