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Savor the Healthy Chocolate!

It’s time to savor the healthy chocolate now that Valentines Day is fast approaching. However, that means more temptation and another excuse to eat sweets. It wouldn’t be Valentine’s without chocolate so even though you are determined to get your family to eat healthy, you will probably give in to “tradition” feeling guilty as you watch all that chocolate disappear.

Again I am going to say … wait a second!  A little chocolate, specifically about an ounce of dark chocolate, is healthy. Please note the words I am using here, a little chocolate, specifically dark chocolate is healthy.

According to researchers chocolate has numerous health benefits, from heart healthy antioxidants, to mood lifting polyphenols. However there is a catch...

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A Healthy Start to The New Year

We had an unwelcome guest this holiday season, and like Scrooge encountering Marley’s ghost, I wasn’t really sure he existed. I only saw a shadow and I wasn’t certain I had seen that until I went to get out my Christmas tablecloth. There was some shredded tissue in the draw, which again I tried to ignore in my haste to get the table set. “It must have ripped off when I reached in to get the cloth”, I thought…

Like Scrooge I didn’t want to acknowledge what I was seeing.  Then came an encounter I couldn’t ignore… like the Ghost of Christmas Past, there he was… staring at me. A mouse! He was in the draw under the oven! I thought slamming the draw would scare him away and maybe it did. Cleaning and scouring and sanitizing added to my work...

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Cookies, Candles and Crunch Time

Well it’s getting down to crunch time and I’m not talking about all those cookie crumbs left underfoot from last night’s baking extravaganza… Or maybe I am, if you are in charge of making everything perfect for the holidays.

Maintaining all those holiday traditions while keeping up with everything else you have to do means something has to go and for the next few weeks that could be cooking. So, if take-out becomes your only option, look for items that are as healthy as possible. Rotisserie Chicken and Salad-to-Go make for a quick meal. Drive through, while not your best option offers a few healthier possibilities and then there is pizza… Thin crust, with lots of veggies please...

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