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Winter Weight Gain Means Springtime Diets

The Sectret to Springtime Diets

Winter Weight gain means Springtime Diets for most of us.  Remember those bears I wrote about earlier, the ones who got fat on purpose so they could survive their long winter’s nap? Well, they’ve been waking up, coming out of their dens, skinny from sleeping the winter away. Unfortunately, our winter hibernation hasn’t worked that way for us. Here we are again, faced with needing to lose those excess pounds we gained over the winter.

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Fats, Cut Sugar Cravings!

Fat cravings are common in Fall and Winter. Adding in healthy fats can help us feel more full and also help cut sugar cravings.

Mixed Olives Healthy Starts TodayHowever, I never said anything about deep-frying. I was talking about healthy fats used in moderation.

For cooking, use the following information as a guide. Once more let me stress, we are talking about healthy fats used in moderation.

At high temperatures, butter, ghee (clarified butter) and coconut oil work well. They can be used for quick sautéing and also for baking. These healthy fats do not break down under extreme heat.

For sautéing at moderate temperatures, try organic, extra virgin, olive oil. Turn the temperature to medium and heat a small amount of oil just until you begin to smell its aroma...

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The Blood Sugar Solution; Motivation for Ending Childhood Obesity!

The Blood Sugar Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman, MD

Even though I have been on vacation, I still found myself reading books on topics related to Family Health. The Blood Sugar Solution, by Mark Hyman, MD has had all my attention for the last several weeks.

In his book, Dr Hyman exposes the dangers of obesity, or Diabesity, as he calls it, explaining that America’s growing waistline and increasing BMI is leading to a generation that will see life expectancy decline for the first time in our history. The generation he is referring to is our children’s! That is why Childhood Obesity is such a critical issue. It is not about our children’s appearance, or future popularity. It is about them living a long life, in vibrant, good health.

Dr. Hyman’s book can be adapted for children, but is aimed at adults...

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