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Forget Diets Celebrate YOU

Healthy Starts Today Summer Nutrition GuideCelebrate YOU, Lose Weight~Feel Great is the program we are currently offering at Healthy Starts Today.

As I indicated last month the emphasis is on the Feel Great part of the program. No one wants a summer filled with the denial and deprivation that comes with traditional dieting. And for the record traditional dieting does not work for long term success. Weight loss isn’t just a matter of calories in and calories out and too much exercise can be counter productive.

These are  just some of the newer findings we are learning today. Here’s another one Fat, Healthy Fat that is, can be a dieter’s best friend. All this is hard to accept, but the facts are there. Dr Mark Hyman’s new book, Eat Fat Get Thin does a great job of presenting these findings and cites 21 pages of studies to sup...

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Celebrate You, Lose Weight~Feel Great

Lose Weight and Celebrate YOU this Summer

Celebrate You, Lose Weight ~ Feel Great, is a new program Healthy Starts Today is offering Summer is a perfect time to Lose Weight. Unfortunately Weight Loss immediately conjures up thoughts of eating nothing but “sticks and twigs”. Who wants denial and deprivation all summer? Where’s the fun in that?

So let’s focus on the Feel Great part of the program. The part that calls for celebrations. Celebrate everything you love about summer. Celebrate the abundance of luscious, fresh fruits and vegetables. Celebrate the longer daylight hours. Celebrate the chance to slow down and relax. Celebrate sitting out at night under the stars. Celebrate all the positives you enjoy and you will be on your way to feeling great.

With  a mind set focused on the all that summer has to offer, it won’t b...

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Eat Fat Lose Weight

Eat Fat Lose Weight

Eat fat, lose weight.  If you are thinking, “ Impossible, fat is the enemy, or, “ What about cholesterol?!?” or “Not another crazy fad”… You aren’t alone. But careful analysis of past research has shown, Saturated Fat, or Healthy Fat is not the cause of Heart Disease. The US Dietary Guidelines, the American Heart Association and the American Cardiology Association have softened their concerns.  Animal protein has even gotten a modified  OK.  At last we don’t have to avoid eggs and  butter. Avocados, coconut oil, olives and olive oil, are great examples of Healthy Fat!

Eat Fat Lose Weight. Avocados, coconut oil, olives and olive oil, are great examples of Healthy Fat!

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