Sheila Cartelli MS, CHHC, owner of Healthy Starts Today, simplifies nutrition for busy parents and their kids. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach with a background in Education and Counseling, she uses her expertise and long experience to help families develop fun, easy ways to improve their diet. Sheila’s clients learn how to choose, prepare and enjoy foods that support vibrant health and wellness…

So much for my official bio… What’s important is how all my experience and expertise come together to help you and your family achieve vibrant health and wellness. Yes it is about good nutrition, but don’t worry, getting healthy does not mean suffering through flavorless, unappetizing meals. Family friendly food can be quickly and easily prepared. Going back to your roots, back to traditional ways of cooking might be a good place to start. Consider the Mediterranean Diet. Throughout that part of the world, traditional food is based on fresh vegetables, beans, healthy fats and small portions of meat or fish. The variations are endless. The meals are delicious. That’s the good news about food. Nutritious can absolutely mean delicious. If you are thinking that you don’t have time to cook like grandma, I agree, my job is to help you find the time and provide you with useful tips to make the job as easy and inexpensive to accomplish as possible.

If you are thinking, that sounds good, but my family won’t eat vegetables… I share how to overcome reluctant attitudes with insightful questions and creative solutions. So if your significant other is a “vegiphobe”, my advice would be to find out why… Were vegetables always cooked to mush?   Then serving as many as possible raw, or al dente might solve the problem. Do some vegetables taste too strong, like broccoli?  Then finding a milder variation like broccolini could be the answer. When nothing else works there’s always the option of running the veggies through your food processor and incorporating them in soups, sauces and meat loaf. The point is there is always a way and it really doesn’t have to mean more work for you. Think about it, not cooking vegetables has to save you time.

Those are just a few of the ideas and suggestions I have to offer. Maybe you don’t know where to start, or even what good nutrition is all about, no worries. You can trust me to provide you with useful, relevant information. We can work together so that you can learn about the benefits of whole foods, the downside of processed food, or how to solve a particular eating issue. Whether you join me for an online presentation chose a group program, or prefer to work with me one-on-one, I will help you find solutions.

In the meantime keep thinking … Healthy Starts Today …

Sheila Cartelli MS, CHHC
Healthy Starts Today
Health and Wellness Advocate for Busy Families